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I was born and raised in the beautiful Annapolis valley in Nova Scotia. After spending a year in Australia, I moved to Alberta in search of adventure and opportunity – and I found both! I’ve called Grande Prairie home for the last 11 years, watching it grow into the wonderful city we all live in today.  

After ten years in the oil and gas industry I left the patch behind to pursue my goal of being a Realtor®. With a background in the oil and gas industry I fully understand the demand, grueling hours, and little downtime many of the men and women experience every day.  Because of this we have tailored the way we do Real Estate; we accommodate ANYONE’S needs when time is something you don’t have! I have customized an approach where entire deals can be done via email because you can’t make it to town,  I provide flexible hours for anyone with limited time, I take advantage of the most up to date technology so you can search for homes from your phone, and most importantly I ensure it works with YOUR SCHEDULE. 

Grassroots Realty Group is a chance for us to change the face of Real Estate. It is an opportunity to surpass industry standards and deliver our clients a one of a kind, down to earth, customer tailored experience. Grassroots Realty Group is all about innovation, excellence, and most importantly exceptional customer service.

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